Australian landscape paintings by John Wilson.
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It often amazes me how many people travel thousands of kilometres to see "Ayres Rock", and for the first time in their lives they stop, and really watch the colour and mood changes as the sun melts into the horizon
Here are a collection of recent works for sale. If you are interested in purchasing one or would like to request some further information then please contact me here. Please include the name and number if the painting you are interested in.

...John Wilson.
A Collection of oil Paintings by John Wilson
Recent works for sale
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John Wilson Art GalleryPhone  02  4782 3703  [email protected]
© Copyright John Wilson
RECENT WORKS FOR SALE:  Please click any image to view the large image
Three Sisters Afternoon
30cm x 45cm $1250   Sold
Summer Gums Seymour Vic.
120cm x 150cm $13500  Sold
Riverbend Reflections Megalong Valley
30cm x 45cm $1250
Quiet Bend Coxs River
90cm x 60cm $5500  Sold
Murrumbidgee Gum 
45cm x 60cm $2500
Megalong Gum Study
30cm x 22cm $950   Sold
Katoomba Afternoon
120cm x 55cm $7500   Sold
In the Sofala Hills
45cm x 35cm $2300
Guilin Reflections
100cm x 100cm $7500
Collin's Cows Megalong Valley
60cm x 90cm $6500
Brungle Gum
45cm x 30cm $1450  Sold
Beach Reflections Port Macquarie
30cm x 45cm $1450
Afternoon Light Grenfell NSW
60cm x 90cm $8500   Sold
Afternoon Glow Flinders Ranges
90cm X 60cm 
$8500 Sold
Abercrombie Reflections
100cm X 100cm 
Beach Reflections Kiama NSW 
45cm X 30cm 
Denman's Beach South Coast
60cm X 30cm  
$2900   Sold
Early Morning Sketch  Megalong Valley 
40cm X 20cm 
$850   Sold
Flinders Ranges Gums
95cm X 95cm 
Granite boulders and afternoon light
120cm X 120cm  
Grenfell Pastoral
45cm X 30cm  
Hawks View
60cm X 30cm 
In the Tumut Hills
60cm X 60cm
Kate's Farm Holbrook
60cm X 40cm
$2200   Sold
Macquarie River Reflections
30cm X 30cm
Morning Light Castlehead Katoomba
100cm X 100cm  
$10500    Sold
Mount Marsden Capertee Valley
30cm X 23cm 
$950    Sold
MT Victoria Cliffscape
30cm X 30cm  
$950   Sold
Murray River Gum Albury NSW
30cm X 30cm 
$950 Sold