Masterclass in Oils.  A five day intensive workshop by Australian Artist John Wilson.
John Wilson  -  Various Workshops
John Wilson is sought after as a tutor and judge. He has been painting for over 42 years. 
John is one of Australia’s leading oil painters, a multi-award winning artist who has had 41 solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group shows. 
He has exhibited in London, USA, Japan, Canada and  
Beijing in 2007.
John has exhibited in Seoul Korea in 2011.
These workshops are for those who have mastered the basics and wish to move onto new levels. 

Each course covers tone, temperature, colour mixing, composition, atmosphere, reflected lights, reflections and other subtleties unique to Australian landscape.
Afternoon Light Capertee Valley; John Wilson
Misty Gums Sheparton VIC - 120 x 100; John Wilson
Master Class Workshops Costing:
  5 Days​   $ 600.00
  10 Days​   $ 1200.00
Morning and Afternoon tea served.  B.Y.O. Lunch.
Afternoon Light Capertee Valley
Misty Gums Sheparton VIC - 120 x 100
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Katoomba ~ Master Class in Oils:  January - March 2025
Master Class  ~  2025 Tutorials
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The week begins with a short theory session and a tonal landscape, followed by step by step demonstrations of 4 or 5 paintings including landscape, river and gum tree study. Weather permitting the class will paint on location in the Megalong Valley on 1 or 2 mornings.  
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Reflections Flynn's Beach  - 120 x 50 ; John Wilson
A five day intensive workshop at John's Studio 
in the Beautiful Blue Mountains
Master Class Workshops
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Contact John by Phone or Email
Overlooking Megalong  -  60 x 45; John Wilson
Overlooking Megalong  -  60 x 45
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John Wilson Australian Blue Mountains Artist.  MasterClass In Oils Workshops Katoomba..
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Workshop 1:  5 days  9am - 4pm Monday  20th January - Friday 24th January 2025         1 place
Workshop 2:  5 days  9am - 4pm Monday  27th January - Friday 31st January 2025         3 places
Workshop 3: 10 days 9am - 4pm Monday 10th February - Friday 21st February 2025       Full, wait list only
THIS IS A SPECIAL 10 DAY WORKSHOP for the more serious painters.
It will include plein air in the Megalong and Capertee Valleys also on the Cliffs. 
We will have the weekend off in the middle.
Workshop 4:  5 days  9am - 4pm  Monday  3rd March - Friday 7th March 2025                 5 places
2024 Workshops
7 Day Lord Howe Island Plein Air Painting Workshop, NSW: 14th - 21st September 2024  
There are 2 places available. Non painters are very welcome.
Put this one on your bucket list! We socialise in real Plein Air Painting Workshops for keen painters. Come and join us on beautiful Lord Howe Island for a week of painting, dinning and good company. Non-painters are very welcome. Places are limited so book early. Enquiries and bookings: John or Cecilia M: 0418 270 567 or Email: [email protected] or Shelly Free call 1800 671 546 or Email: [email protected]
September 2024
August 2024
8 Day Workshop, Bribie Island QLD: 10th - 18th August 2024
This workshop is for keen oil painters. We'll be working mostly in the Bribie Island Studio with at least one morning Plein Air. Wednesday 14th - rest day. The last four days we'll be working on a larger painting. Bring all your painting gear and as many questions as you like. Places are limited and Ron is offering early bird discounts. So be quick! Enquiries and bookings please contact Ron Bryant 0408 884 346 or email: [email protected] 
8 Day Workshop, Albury NSW: 5th - 13th October 2024
It's on again! The very famous "Cappuccino on the Murray" workshop. 8 days of painting for enthusiastic landscape artists. Good company, dinners out and Yes, Cappucinos on the Murray. Enquiries please contact Peter Drummond M: 0428 572 661 or Email: [email protected] 
October 2024
WAIT LIST....If you would like to go on the wait list for any of the above workshops please contact John.
5 Day Workshop, Urunga NSW: Saturday 5th - Wednesday 9th April 2025
Urunga is a little coastal village just south of Coffs Harbour. This workshop is filling fast so grab your spot now. Enquiries and bookings please contact Gail Cardow " Island Art Shop & Studio" M: 0407 940 007 or email: [email protected]
June 2024
2 Day Workshop, Pittsworth QLD: Saturday 1st - Sunday 2nd June 2024
Come and join us at Pittsworth....a beautiful little town in the Darling Downs just west of Toowoomba QLD. Great country hospitality. Places are limited so please contact Sue Porter M: 0427 895 437 or email: [email protected]
2 Day Workshop, Goulburn NSW: 26th - 27th October 2024
This 2 day workshop is organised by the Goulburn Art Society in the southern tablelands of NSW. A great excuse for a weekend in the country. Bookings and enquiries please contact Susan. M: 0415 531 992 or Email: [email protected] 
November 2024
5 Day Workshop, Lake Perseverance QLD: 15th - 21st November 2024
"BY - JINGIES" They are returning to Lake Perseverance. This is a special art workshop to pay tribute to our late friend and fellow artist Jim Skinner. Places are limited. No housework, no cooking, everything laid on. Be quick and secure your place call Alan M: 0407 746 781 or Email: [email protected] 
2025 Workshops 
7 Day Plein Air Red Centre Workshop, Alice Springs NT: 12th - 18th May 2025  This workshop is full. wait list only 
John is reducing his workload so 2025 is planned as our last Red Centre Trip. Come and join us for one last adventure. This is the Real Deal! We'll be painting in some of the best locations in the McDonnell Ranges. Please contact John for details and bookings Ph: 02-4782 3703 or M: 0418 270 567 or Email: [email protected] 
May 2025
March 2025
2 Day Workshop, Kiama NSW: Saturday 22nd - Sunday 23rd March 2025
Venue: The Coach House Gallery, Farmer Street, Kiama. Enquiries and bookings please contact Helen, M: 0432 232 054 or Email: [email protected] 
Demonstration, Kiama NSW: 6pm - 8pm Friday 21st March 2025
Venue: The Coach House Gallery, Farmer Street, Kiama. This is a ticketed event and includes wine and snacks. Please contact Helen, M: 0432 232 054 or Email: [email protected] 
April 2025
October 2025
8 Day Workshop, Albury NSW: 4th - 12th October 2025
YES......It's on again! The very famous "Cappuccino on the Murray" workshop, 8 days of painting for enthusiastic landscape artists. Good company, dinnes out and YES, Cappuccinos on the Murray. Early bird discounts apply so please contact Peter Drummond. M: 0428 572 661 or Email: [email protected] 
3 Day Workshop, Leeton NSW: Saturday 31st August - Monday 2nd September 2024
This workshop is organised by Leeton Art Society. In the heart of the beautiful Riverina area of NSW. If you are looking for a weekend in the country, this is the one for you. Two days in the studio and Plein Air out on the Murrumbidge River. Enquiries and bookings please contact Ayla 0418 970 770 or Vita 0427 532 262 Email: [email protected]  
​Demonstration, Leeton NSW: 6 pm Friday 30th August 2024
To book your spot, please call Ayla 0418 970 770 or Vita 0427 532 262 Email: [email protected]